Leo february 10 horoscope

Daily Horoscope Leo February 10, 2017 ♌️♌️🚀🚀

Your special connection with air allows your personality to share in the determined qualities of forceful wind. As is the case with all air signs, the influence of air stimulates breezes of curiosity within your being.

In times when your interest is peaked, your curiosity takes purpose and you work tirelessly to gain understanding. Air's positive qualities can become one of your greatest assets, if you are able to avoid air's less positive, stagnant qualities. Uranus is the planetary ruler of the Aquarius, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive the planetary influence of Venus as well.

While it is Uranus, the planet of deviation, that links to your originality and free spirit, it is Venus that connects to your sociability and appreciation of beauty. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more sensitive and emotional than the other Aquarius Decans.

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You have an unconditional love for your family and close friends, which you express with great affection. Uranus drives your impulsiveness, as you seem to quickly fall in and out of love. Although it is against your nature, you may need to correct your tendency to act first and think later. While finding the right career is always a challenge, your natural abilities will give you a variety of career options to explore. To satisfy your need for travel may do well in a career in advertising, international business and journalism.

Similarly, your humanitarian nature may do well in people-based careers, such as teaching, education and counseling. Your adventurous qualities may take you to the world of media or television, which was the case of Emma Robertson, who was also born on February 10th.

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If you are musically inclined, look to the career of Cliff Burton, another of your celebrity birthday twins, for inspiration. The day is especially favourable for artists. However, it is necessary to complete the projects that you start today. You are easily distracted and hence deeply admire those who have the ability to focus and concentrate. Time to learn something from them and implement their techniques in your own life!

You will get opportunity to focus on something important and go after it.

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Practicing yoga early in the morning may be of help too. You must not stay in today. It is a great day to move out and have fun with your beloved.

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