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Magic is more likely to occur when you can build on a wave already in motion rather than creating one from scratch.

You may reach your emotional limit today, especially if you are spending a lot of time with your friends. Although you still want the benefit of good advice from those you trust, you also need to integrate current experiences before you open yourself up to feedback that makes you question recent choices. Honor your internal clock and only move forward at a speed that feels right to you. Frustration builds if you try to force your solution to a work-related problem onto others. Unfortunately, the more you push, the more they close down.

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Taking the higher road now involves practicing patience and compassion. Handle important business as early in the day as possible while the energetic flow is still working in your favor. Nevertheless, you still could be drawn into a conversation that leads to more personal disclosure than you intended, which, in turn, can heat up an argument.

Walk away before things turn ugly. Your reputation often precedes you as someone who is willing to delve into a discussion about sensitive subjects.

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However, you hold the power to choose whether or not to proceed into dangerous territory. If you decide that a topic is off-limits, no one is clever enough to bait you into a conversation today. Just examine your motives before flashing a red light or green light. A meaningful dialogue may be postponed for a variety of reasons and it feels good to get your thoughts out in the open when it finally happens.

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Keep in mind that any discussion now is likely the first in a series of interactions over the next several days. Building stability in relationships requires your sincere commitment. However, you expect the same loyalty from everyone else.

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Instead, claim your authority and interact honestly without pointing blame. Giving others a little distance at the right time allows them to see things from your perspective. Respect cultivates trust. Fortunately, the tides are always in flux and your fears will begin to dissipate once the fresh energy flows into your life. A short conversation with the right person could be enough to start the ball rolling.

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