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Such natives can harbour horrendous levels of avarice, hate, jealousy and other morbid emotions that can lead to ruin, death and depravity. Chart 4 possessed an insatiable lust for money. This woman was convicted for several murders and sentenced to death. She married after high school and had 3 children. Chart 4: Born at 19h. The husband died on , when she collected a huge sum on insurance.

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Thereafter, she collected fire insurance money on 2 houses that got burnt. In January , she moved in with a new boy-friend.

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In May , a son died in a drowning accident. In June , another son survived lead and arsenic poisoning when the whole truth came tumbling out. All the accidents and deaths were engineered by the woman with an eye on the insurance money. Virgo rising is aspected by the Lagna lord Mercury, the Sun and the Moon. Mercury is in very close conjunction with the Sun and the Moon.

The Moon is New. This combination involving the Lagna lord made her a heartless killer who meticulously planned each killing to look like an accident. One of the best things to have in a chart for a marital alliance is a Moon, free of associations. Such individuals carry the traits of the sign occupied by the Moon. These traits may be good or bad, but their intensity is in control and can be easily diffused. For example, a The Moon in Aries can make one assertive and impulsive but also frank. It also gives an intellectual leaning.

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Broad- mindedness and respect for the feelings of others characterise the native. But there is also an obsession for perfection. Though not friendly, they are humane. All these traits are in themselves desirable in life. Depending upon the association of the Moon with benefics or malefics, the positive traits may get enhanced or the negative ones may get aggravated. The Moon with Venus gives a friendly nature, whatever the sign occupied by the Moon.

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The natives are amicable, fond of beauty or aesthetics and have an ability to share happiness. They are optimistic. Jupiter with the Moon is also always welcome and gives a great magnanimity of mind and heart that can easily forgive. Irrespective of the sign, these streaks flavor the native's mental disposition. Depending upon the nature of the signs and the house occupied by the Moon, the expression of these characteristics may vary. The Moon in the 6th house of sickness , 8th house of sins or the 12th the house of loss or weakness tends to get weakened and can create a mindset that is not healthy in attitude.

However, the Moon even if in these houses, but aspected by benefics or endowed with digital strength overcomes the deficiency he would otherwise suffer from. The following combinations point to deficiencies in mental health and depending upon the strength of the rest of the horoscope, can either get diffused or get sufficiently aggravated to varying degrees and manifest in the form of abnormal behaviour and moods: 1 Jupiter in the Ascendant and Mars in the 7th.

An Aries native with Jupiter in the 1 st and Mars in the 7th was capable of extreme cruelty and terrorised all the members of the household. For example, for Aries Lagna, if Mercury is with Rahu or in Pisces or in Virgo and is at the same time aspected by Saturn, it causes a predisposition to mental and psychological abnormalities.

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Such a combination produces psychopathic behaviour when one becomes capable of glib social behaviour while at the same time one can be subject to moods of great hate, violence and self-pity leading to severe aberrational behaviour. Saturn and the 2nd lord with the Sun, b. Saturn and the 2nd lord with Mars, c. Saturn and the 2nd lord with Rahu and d. Saturn and the 2nd lord with afflicted Mercury.

These combinations, if present in a chart, are to be carefully analysed. Exonerating factors such as a strong Ascendant, the Moon or Mercury or the influence of natural benefics must be identified carefully. If such factors are present and the Dasas are also favorable, then the afflictions may be deemed to be ineffectual. However, if no redeeming factors are present, charts with such combinations must be put aside as being unsafe for peace in marriage as well as for containing explosive material at the mental and psychological levels.

Chart 5, of a man accused and arrested for the violent murder of his wife, makes an interesting example in this context. The Ascendant is Gemini whose ruler Mercury is in the 4th in his sign of exaltation with the Sun.

The Ascendant is occupied by the Moon and Rahu. Both the Ascendant and the Moon are in Aridra ruled by Rahu. Saturn, a powerful malefic, is retrograde in the 9th, a trine.

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Combination 8 is present in part. The afflicted Moon in the Ascendant and Mercury are in Kendras. The Moon has no favorable aspects. Mercury is, somewhat, helped by Chart 5: Born at 23h. Jupiter's aspect. But as both the Ascendant and the Moon are heavily afflicted,one should be wary of such a chart rejecting it even before taking up the matching proper.

Events after the marriage in the case of Chart 5 justify the astrological factors of aberrational mental behaviour and health. After one is through with an examination of longevity and sound mental health, the next step is to look for factors that show more than one marriage.

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Where a combination for such an event is present, it implies the chances of the marriage surviving are feeble and therefore, matching tests must be carried out with great care and thoroughness. It may not be only a second marriage that is indicated, it could also indicate extra- marital flings and liaisons subject to other planetary features which could therefore, disqualify the chart in the first place. Where marriage is deemed a sacrament as in our country, the boy and girl, both pure in body and mind, are brought together to live a life of peace, purity and Dharma.

And, therefore, combinations that can hurt marriage must be carefully identified. Yogas for more than one marriage are to be carefully looked into before disqualifying the chart. But it is important to remember that the more than one marriage result can apply to either the native or the spouse and not necessarily to the native alone and this can be deciphered only after assessing the chart from different angles. The following combinations, unless modified by other factors, show more than one marriage: 1 When the 7th lord is combust by his proximity to the Sun , debilitated without cancellation or very weak in an inimical sign.

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These combinations apply equally well to both male and female charts and show more than one marriage in the absence of exonerating factors. In Chart 6, the Ascendant is Aries. The 7th lord Venus is in the 6th in a common sign with the aspect of 11th lord Saturn and Lagna lord Mars. While the aspect of Mars being that of the Lagna lord cannot be faulted, the aspect of malefic Saturn on the Kalatrakaraka Venus in this case, the 7th lord as well in a dual sign must be viewed with some reservation.

More than one marriage being indicated, the chart does not pass the test of matching. Chart 6: Female: Born at p. After being married for 10 years with 2 children, the couple separated in with the divorce coming in A more-than-one marriage combination in a chart can indicate that the first marriage may not last for one reason or the other. It need not necessarily imply profligacy or extra-marital associations.

However, in cases of those who have lost their spouses to death or due to divorce and are seeking a second marriage, the chart has to be reviewed from this angle also and then approved. The native of Chart 7 married in October His wife delivered a baby boy by caesarean section on and expired on The native then married a widow on Chart 7: Bom at p. This chart has the Lagna lord in the 7th in a common sign joined by malefic Mars. The 7th lord Jupiter in the 8th is also not favorable for the first marriage and its durability.

Chart 8: Born at p. In Chart 8, the 7th and 5th lords Mercury and the Moon respectively, have exchanged signs. The 7th house is a common sign with the Moon in it joined by malefic Saturn. Additionally, Saturn here is the 11th lord too. The native married in March In , the husband started an affair with a girl he met at the place of his work.

In January , he moved into a new house with this girl and they even had a child. In this case, the spouse proved unfaithful and had another wife? The point in such cases is not who gets into an extra-marital affair or relationship, but how the affliction can damage marital fidelity and peace. Therefore, when such a case as Chart 8 is brought up for comparison, it would be better to avoid it than get caught in unhappy marital complications.

A predominance of common signs with the Ascendant, the Moon, the Ascendant lord, the 7th lord and Venus occupying them is a clear indication of marital life going awry due to a break up of the relationship.


It may be due to the native or the spouse and this depends upon the rest of the chart. The break up may result from a third party trespassing into the marriage, but not necessarily for this reason always. The marriage may not necessarily end in divorce, but for all practical reasons, it may prove totally disillusioning. In Chart 8, the spouse has not divorced the native who continues to live with her in-laws who are sympathetic to her plight, but helpless.

The spouse spends all his time and money on the other woman and rarely visits his wife. Such combinations are a primary indication of the marriage being destroyed.